Thursday, March 20, 2008

20 Mar: Best Acoustic Version of Mercy? Where is it from?

Just found this on Youtube - superb acoustic version of Mercy! Anyone know where/when it is from?! MP3 download here.

EDIT: OK then - it was an exclusive by on 4th March(French website) but the weird thing is that it seems to have disappeared from their exclusive list, which does actually go back a few weeks but for some reason the Duffy page won't load and Duffy is no longer in the archive list.... Good job someone nabbed it and youtubed it then as it is a superb performance! The NRJ page did say this (found it in google cache)
Duffy, découvre son live acoustique
Cette jeune Galloise de 22 ans est la révélation de l'année 2008.
Elle compose une musique et écrit des textes à la fois nostalgiques et intemporels. Son style n'est pas sans rappeller celui d'Amy Winehouse.
La nouvelle diva soul sortira son premier album intitulé "Rockferry", en France le 7 avril.
A noter : Duffy fera sa première scène en France au Zénith de Nantes, samedi 22 mars, lors du NRJ MUSIC TOUR !

On 22nd then I'll post about Duffy's debut in France!


Bad_Girls_Lament said...

Ok... my French is rusty but this is what that little segments says

Duffy, discovers its live acoustics This young Welshwoman 22 years old
is the revelation of the year 2008. She composes music and writing that is at the same time nostalgic and timeless.

Its style is not without recalling that of Amy Winehouse. The new diva of soul will release her first album entitled "Rockferry", in France on
April 7.

To note: Duffy will make her first scene in France with the Zenith of
Nantes, Saturday March 22, at the time of NRJ MUSIC TURN!

danyelle6974 said...

Thanks for that! And here is the evidence from google cache

Anonymous said...

yeh this is a really great version of mercy acoustically, we've done our own take on it in a similar vain, have a listen