Monday, March 31, 2008

31 Mar: Duffy in teen ‘kill plot’ horror

The Sun has picked up on The Mail's story from yesterday...... Pasted in below:

Duffy in teen ‘kill plot’ horror

SOUL star DUFFY was taken into police protection as a teen after a plot to kill her stepdad, it was revealed yesterday.

The Mercy singer, 23, was put in a safe house when cops rumbled plans to murder her mum’s hubby Philip Smith.

Ex-wife Dawn Watson offered a man £3,000 to kill Philip.

Watson and her new husband were jailed for 3½ years in 1998.

The Welsh chart-topper – real name Aimee Duffy – said: “I was terrified.

"I felt so ill."

Duffy has just finished filming the video for her new single Warwick Avenue, left, from her chart-topping No.1 album Rockferry.
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NME also reported on it.

O well, at least The Sun published another piccie from the Warwick Avenue video Duffy is making at the moment! (Click it for a larger image.)


jed said...

You gotta love the way the Sun just made-up that Duffy quote, it's a paraphrase of what her step-dad said in the Daily Mail interview. Bet they never even spoke to her.

And of course Marc Watson was actually cleared, so he may well be claiming damages what with the Sun saying he served time.

ThyGeeEph said...

I can't wait for this one!
Any news on when it is coming out?

danyelle6974 said...

Warick Avenue is released in the UK at the end of May I believe.

danyelle6974 said...

Big time Jed. I agree completely. I realise they just read it in the Mail like everyone else.......t hey are jokers. Only included it so you'll know what the press is doing. Cheers, Danyelle

jed said...

hey danyelle have you seen the clip of Duffy making the new video, it's on youtube

danyelle6974 said...

Thanks for the heads up Jed! I just added it on the blog... I also found another article with another piccie...

danyelle6974 said...

The German official Duffy website seems to have more to say about Duffy in the press. Below is a Google Translation of a message they posted on the German official Duffy website yesterday:

That good, white soul music without horror messages work, which enabled the British tabloid press seems unable to accept and continued their sniffer dogs on Duffys past. It was not long before you actually promote a story to light. "Duffy in teen 'kill plot' hell 'The Sun yesterday wrote in big letters on their online site and even Daily Mirror headline:" Voice from heaven, family from hell ". The Rainbow press refers to her report on an incident that Duffy in befall teenage years is: The ex-wife of her stepfather had become their unfaithful husbands death threats to you so that the officers switched Duffy and her siblings temporarily to a secret location had to bring. At the end, there were no deaths nor injuries.

A woman abandoned before raging jealousy. Where is the scandal? That one has yet to ask ...

grumps said...

Have you noticed how some journos have been criticisng Duffy because .. well because she doesn't share Wino's lifestyle.

For example BBC reviewer Sophie Hammer bangs on about how Duffy needs to live a little.

I like Amy W. but really, what living has she done? Stage school, the London music scene, drugs. It seems to me that Duffy has already lived a lot more than this, working in ordinary jobs, going to college, living on her own in Switzerland aged 17, oh and this overblown hitman, safehouse incident. Perhaps one good thing about this story is that it will bury some of the London journos prejudices and preconceptions about Aimee. Then again maybe not.

Anonymous said...

This is not made up at all! Ok?