Tuesday, March 18, 2008

18 Mar: Duffy Live@ Mod Club, Toronto

Tonight Duffy did a gig at the Mod Club in Toronto, Canada.

The Set list:
Stepping Stone
Breaking My Own Heart
Hanging On Too Long
Syrup & Honey
Warwick Avenue
Delayed Devotion
Distant Dreamer

I found this review which is pasted below.
Concert Review: Duffy at Mod Club
Posted by Maryam Siddiqi
The next Amy Winehouse hit town to perform at Toronto's Mod Club on Tuesday night. No, not Lily Allen, or Kate Nash. No, not Adele. Keep guessing. Yes! It's Duffy, the adorable Welsh singer who's style, of all the British songbirds, most closely resembles a cleaned-up Winehouse.

She played to an intimate but enthralled crowd, and seemed to be right chuffed to actually be performing in T.O., saying how nice it was to be in Toronto several times during the hour set, and paying the crowd a number of compliments.

The 23-year-old made her way through her 12-song debut disc, beginning with the title track, then moving on to the mournful Warwick Avenue. Mercy, the swinging second single off her album Rockferry, which landed at No. 1 on the British charts, got the loudest response, but with her almost-beehive 'do and Diana Ross-esque dance moves, Duffy belted out tune after tune to a warm response, more than holding her own against her six-piece band, who provided soulful, symphonic Motown sounds.

There's no doubt Duffy will be back soon, possibly sporting a larger beehive, but definitely playing to an even larger crowd.

See a vid of Duffy performing "Breaking My Own Heart" below. (Watch out for the screaming part way through LOL)

There's another vid below of her Mercy performance, but unfortunately the audio is all messed up. :-(

If anyone has any vids of Duffy please do share!

I get a feeling that soon there might be a photo album of the gig here, but I could be wrong.

Below is an excellent photo from this gig by Frank Yang. Click the photo to see a larger image. He also has an album of amazing pictures of this gig and a detailed review of the gig here.

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