Saturday, March 8, 2008

8 Mar: Duff Luck Lads She's Gone Solo

Sun article today. Pasted below.

Duff luck lads she's gone solo
Gordon Smart
Published: 08 Mar 2008

CHART-TOPPER DUFFY has revealed she went solo because all the blokes she worked with kept trying to pull her.

The sexy songstress will complete the double tomorrow when debut album Rockferry joins single Mercy at the top of the chart.

And I can reveal the soulful star has always been a popular young lady. She has told how she was forced to go it alone as she was fed up of fleeing attention from male bandmates and producers.

Duffy said: “I was collaborating with a lot of people.

“But every band I got into it was like I had a boyfriend. Every producer wanted to marry me or wanted to be in a duet.

“I was always running away from something. So I thought, just sing and stay away from the politics. And then I was discovered.”

That was certainly a wise move. Her brilliant debut album is set to shift around 180,000 copies in a week.

That can be enough to get you a No1 in the States and it is heading towards the top five fastest-selling UK debuts. On Thursday she celebrated with a mesmerising performance at Bush Hall, West London.

The biggest cheer of the night was for the enchanting Stepping Stone, a future smash hit.

And Duffy revealed a secret heartache behind the track — it is directly aimed at a mystery man from her past.

The Welsh singer said the song has some “revenge in it”, adding: “I wrote it about when I fell in love for the first and only time. “But I didn’t have the balls to tell him. He still doesn’t know this is about him.”


She also revealed she once wanted to be a top swimmer, excelling as a kid.

She said: “Then I was picked on in the pool because I was upgraded to the big team with the big boys.

“People started taking the mick out of me because I had a childlike body and could swim really well.

“I got out of the pool, said ‘sod swimming’ and ploughed all my attention into singing.”

Duffy is a lovely girl and I’m pleased that she had the last laugh.

She’s taken to this pop star lark like a Duff to water.

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