Sunday, March 2, 2008

2 Mar: Duffy Live@ Sugar Club, Dublin

Tonight (2nd March), Duffy sang live at The Sugar Club in Dublin.

Vid of the "Serious" performance below:

"Stepping Stone" at this gig is below:

A clip of the "Mercy" performance is below:

Photos of Duffy@The Sugar Club,Dublin
Let me know if you have photos to share!
Check out these photos below by Patrick O'Leary.

More photos in this article by ....
Duffy Does Dusty in Dublin...
A little girl from The Welsh Valleys, Duffy, is making all the noise in the music press at the moment. So what! Says you... Well we checked her and her Dusty Springfield vibe out in Dublin this week and she's no bad, no bad...

There's gonna be a fight. The UK music press are squaring off the Soul sounds of Amy Winehouse, Adel and Duffy ala Blur V Oasis back in the day. Claws have been drawn, beehives will be pulled.

With all the hype, we put our inquisitive little heads on we went along and caught Duffy live in concert at The Academy this week. Verdict? This girl's got talent. Albeit, she's not smoking crack cocaine, wearing an eight foot wig, rocking more tattoos then Popeye, and walking barefooted through the streets of London 'mad out of it'. But she has some nice tunes, and a saucy voice.

Aimee Duffy (full name) at 23 has a song called 'Rockferry' topping the UK charts now for the past 3 weeks, search it out if you haven't already. She's touring these Isles, so if you get the chance to catch her live, go for it before it all kicks-off and you have remortgage your house to buy her tickets on eBay.

What will Duffy sing at a live show, we hear you shout? Well, we sneaked off a photo of her track list taped to the floor in Dublin the other night. She opens with 'Rockferry' and builds to the finale with 'Distant Dreamer'. Well, you asked.


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