Monday, March 3, 2008

3 Mar: Clash Music Article: SXSW - Duffy She just wants to sing.

Everyone is talking about Duffy, but the Welsh songstress is tired of chewing the fat, she just wants to sing.

“I’m bored of talking about myself!” she says. “I’ve spent so much time making my record and being true to myself that I’m not able to talk about it anymore. I’ve lived with this album for so long that I just want it to come alive in live shows.”

From the sounds of her new album ‘Rockferry’, it appears she has got off to a pretty strong start. Through a mix of blues, Motown and nostalgia, Duffy creates wonderful narratives.
“I just like to create stories and exciting arrangements,” she says. “I hate putting it like this but I really see music as a form of escape. I like the way it can take you to that sonic place which is different from reality. The album isn’t meant to be a personal reflection. I don’t have hidden secrets or like to be self-indulgent. Artistically it is a little bit of me but on the other side I’m just a 23-year-old girl still finding out about myself.”


“Coming to London was the furthest I thought I could take my music. I’m really excited about playing SXSW but I don’t really care where I play. It could be Timbuktu or my nan’s shed with a bottle of wine. As long as I’m with my band playing live, that’s all I care.”

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