Wednesday, March 5, 2008

5 Mar: Duffy Live@ Central Station, Wrexham

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Today Duffy did a gig at Wrexham. BBC Wales provides a slideshow of photos here.

Below is a vid of Duffy's Syrup & Honey at this gig.

Some FABULOUS photos from the gig in a giant slideshow by the evening leader here, linked to from their article (exert below).

"Good evening Wrexham," she said smiling and relaxed. "It's nice to be back close to home, the weather, I see, is still fine. Anyway I'm Duffy."

When she launched into her debut single, Rockferry, the walls of Central Station reverberated to her powerful, soulful voice.

As she showcased songs from her already impressive repertoire, she showed she is growing in confidence, engaging the audience between songs and giving the impression that she is becoming an old hand at live performances.

Unsurprisingly it was her current single, Mercy that received the biggest cheer from the crowd but it is other album tracks such as Stepping Stone and Warwick Avenue that really give the singer a chance to show the reason behind her meteoric rise to fame, her incredible singing voice.

The sell out crowd, packed in front of the stage and straining to get a better view, also seemed to know the words to every song she performed.

"This is only the second gig we've played since the album came out so it's quite cool that you know all the songs," she said.

Great shoes Duffy!

If you have been to a Duffy gig and you wish to share photos or youtube vids then let me know and I can link to your stuff or even upload it here.

There is a great review WITH PHOTOS at this link.

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